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Special Offers

Parking information

 The parking facility we offer is a five-minute walk from the hotel. This secure parking facility costs 16 € for 24 hours, which you can pay at the hotel reception.
Please note that it is not necessary to reserve parking lot in advance.

PARK HOUSE: H-1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 5.

1, park into the park house
2, get your card from the parking meter and keep it
3, leave your car in the garage and walk back to the hotel
4, enjoy your stay at La Prima Fashion Hotel, but please note that (only once) you can exit only once from the garage with your car during your parking period
5, at check-out you should tell our receptionist that you are parking
6, you can pay for the parking at the reception and you will receive another card
7, bring it with yourself to the garage and use it when you leave the garage

You will not have to pay in the park house.

We wish you a pleasant and safe trip!